How I was piloting Cessna for very first time

In October 2016 I received a surprising gift – A Cessna flight with the possibility of piloting. At the first moment I didn’t know what to think about the gift, and if I really want to go. But finally I decided to go and it was worth it!🙂

Aircraft staff guys are just great and certainly you won’t be bored with them. What I can recommend to you, don’t eat much before the flight, because it can be rough even in this small single-engine Cessna 😉

Here you can see the video from my flight, which started from a small village near Trnava, Boleraz:

The funny thing is, that my pilot flew over Smolenice Castle many times, but he never managed to visit that castle 🙂

And the best insight I can recommend to you is a great restaurant called Cmelak based in the village Boleraz. They have really great food.

You can simply buy this great experience here.

This wasn’t supposed to be a PR post, but I had really great experience from this day and I wanted to share this with you 🙂

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