Treetop walkway Krkonose – experience something new!

We visited the newly opened Treetop walkway in Janské Lázně in Czech Republic and it was an unforgettable experience!

Even though the opening hours are from 9:30 AM and the entrance is crowded, you will not be in a jam, the sidewalk is huge enough and people are going to spread. The queues could be better in later part of the day. Card payment is possible when paying the entrance fee. Parking is payable when you leave, but you need smaller money (even paper ones). It costs 70 CZK per day (almost 3 €).

The educational walkway along the treetop is suitable for all ages, although the information boards are addressed to smaller ones as well as playful obstacles along the way. The walkway is also accessible for pedestrians and wheelchairs. Dogs are forbidden to enter the area, but they could be left in the cages at the entrance for free.

A wooden structure with an untraditional “dry” slide in the middle will catch everyone’s heart. Humans are moving along the construction like an ants over the day, as you can see in our video below 😉

The slide in the middle seems to be steep, but in fact we’ve been disappointed by quite slow ride. One ride costs 50Kčs (almost 2 €) and also children from 6 years can go. Even if you are going to the slide, you don’t need to have any long pants, everyone gets a small carpet 😉 The total height of the viewing tower is about 42 meters and its top is above the trees, so make sure you better don’t forget your outdoor jacket.

At the end of the walkway there is a souvenir shop, a free toilets for visitors and some moderate quality food.

Visiting the walkway will take you around one hour, with children it could be even more. It is open every day except December. Don’t forget to check the forecast before visiting, in case of bad weather, the facility is entitled to completely close the path for safety reasons!

Where to find such trails?

The Czechs just know, how to do this kind of business. One really good idea and a lucrative attraction is here, so you certainly won’t be surprised that there are more such educational walks. You can easily find more information on each walkway via the links below:



How expensive was this trip?

Admission (2x adults) + slide (2x) + parking = 20,77 €


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