Our first impressions from Singapore

After a total of 37 hours Budapest – Athens – Singapore flight, we are finally here! 🙂
We arrived at midnight of Central European time zone, which was 6 am local time, so we have skipped the traditional sleep and rushed into the streets of the city straight away!🙂

Transport from the airport to Singapore city center

You can reach he center with their pretty modern metro. There was no possibility to made a payment with debit / credit card in the ticket machines even though there was a physical terminal (probably it was a small sum), so we had to exchange a few Singapore dollars. The machine will give you a thin non-contact card, which you use for a small deposit.

The metro from the airport is situated between the T2 and T3 terminals, marked as train. Metro is marked here as MRT or SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) 😉 It’s pretty crowded during early mornings, we were glad to to made it inside. 😀

Our first view of skyscrapers after leaving the subway in Singapore

As expected, it’s very warm with moisture air and when you come to some AC premises, it will be probably cold there. 😉 Even many local women from many business centers used an umbrella in these heats.

From 13:00 to 20:00 a fix to our “miss a night of sleep” has come and we hope that when we go back to sleep at midnight, we will set ourselves to a new time zone🙂

The world-famous Marina Bay Sands from the beautiful green Gardens by the Bay

What are our “must see” in Singapore?

What we liked most was the Gardens by the Bay, a beautiful garden full of green and abstract tree designs, near the famous Marina Bay Sands skyscrapers . It is a public park with free admission and there are some attractions, such as a walk on a short walk between the trees, or you can visit the greenhouse with exotic plants for about 17 €.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay – a rare bird in a glazed terrarium

View of Singapore Flyer from Gardens by the Bay

The Helix Bridge with a breathtaking iron structure along with a walk to the ArtScience Museum, with a shape of the giant hand. Along with all the important skyscrapers in the background will take you more time to admire 🙂

The Helix bridge

The Helix bridge

The Helix bridge

ArtScience Museum

Marina Bay Sands with ArtScience Museum


How much you will spent on accommodation in Singapore?

We had a hostel near the city center (30 minutes walk + metro) for 47 SGD (approx. 29 €) with its own toilet and bathroom. This is one of the cheapest options that could be found at a reasonable distance from the center without a shared room and with its own social facilities.

A small room with toilet and shower in Singapore. We don’t need any more

How much is food in Singapore?

We didn’t visit any street food but we were in a big shopping mall just next to Mrina Bay Sands, where people find all the hype brands, but we were interested in food only. So we had in the food court a crispy duck with noodles for a pleasant 6, 8 SGD (approx. 4,23 €). Other meals were over 10 SGD.

A crispy duck with noodles for circa 4.23 €, in the shopping center next to Marina Bay Sands


It’s a shame that Singapore was only a transit place for us and as we were tired of traveling, there wasn’t enough time to enjoy the city during evening. But we also appreciate the time we spent there. 🙂

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